Heating Comfort Club

Lack of Routine Maintenance is Expensive

The Heating Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement provides the foundation for comfort in your home by keeping your systems running cleanly and smoothly to help prevent costly repairs and sometimes even more costly replacements.  Routine furnace maintenance is crucial to preserving effective systems. Our Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement will save you money by maximizing efficiency and reducing breakdowns.

Did you know…
Most equipment manufacturers require regular maintenance in order to keep your warranty?

That is why Duell Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is very proud to offer our Heating Comfort Club Maintenance Agreements!

  • Your Maintenance Agreement Will:

    Reduce Your Utility Bills
    By properly maintaining your equipment on a regular basis, the use of energy will be maximized, thereby keeping your utility bills to a minimum.
    Prolong Equipment Life:
    Routine maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition. This prolongs equipment life, and lowers the life-cycle cost of your equipment.
    Maximize Safety:
    Routine maintenance assures the safe operation of your equipment by correcting potential problems before they occur.
  • Heating Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement - $22.92 + tax per month ($275.00 annually)

    Whats Included?
    *A 15% discount off Standard Heating System Repair Rates
    *Preferred Priority Service
    *A Free Annual 23 Point Heating System Inspection:

    1. Visual Inspection of furnace installation condition
    2. Examination of gas piping
    3. Visual Inspection of ignition sequence and operations
    4. Check amperage draw of blower and inducer motor for 90% + efficiency systems
    5. Visual check of chimney draft for 80% efficiency systems
    6. Test safety controls on furnace
    7. Clean and Adjust burner assembly
    8. Check combustion air
    9. Check thermostat calibration
    10. Inspect heat exchanger for damage and/or corrosion
    11. Clean furnace ignition assembly
    12. Clean and/or adjust blower motor components
    13. Examine flue draft
    14. Lubricate necessary furnace parts
    15. Perform evaluation of correct air flow
    16. Clean and/or replace standard air filters
    17. Clean condensate drains
    18. Test and adjust gas pressure as necessary
    19. Check defrost timer functions
    20. Replace thermostat batteries
    21. Combustion analysis, including:
    *Parts per million (ppm) test
    *Carbon Monoxide test
    *Oxygen test
    22. Furnace or Boiler heat loss calculations
    23. System adjustment to proper manufacturer's specifications based on results of tests performed