Plumbing Services in Glenville, Clifton Park, Colonie, NY & Surrounding Areas

Plumbing Services in Glenville, Clifton Park, Colonie, NY & Surrounding Areas

Duell Plumbing & Heating has been providing expert drain cleaning, water heater and plumbing services since 1980. With a licensed master plumber on staff, you can trust us to provide the best work with diagnostics, repairs and installations. Hire a plumbing contractor you can count on to perform the following services:

Drain Cleaning

We complete projects using the latest in tools and technology such as high powered pull behind trailer jetter, small portable tool box jetters that handle even the toughest kitchen sink clog. We can handle any drain back up situation from grease to tree roots our team can get you flowing again.

Drain Lines

Old cast iron and other metal drains rust and corrode causing frequent clogs and leaks, replacing those old metal drains with new pvc will not only improve the performance of your drain lines but it can save you thousands in costly repairs.


We service and install all major makes and models of faucets. We offer rebuilds and repairs on all kitchen, bath, bar, sink and tub faucets. Don't let that drip go - call and book an appointment now.

Frozen Pipes

We use the latest in technology to thaw your frozen pipes and drain lines and get back up and flowing quickly.

Garbage Disposals

Complete installation of new garbage disposal. Repair of leaking or jammed garbage disposal. Both continuous and batch feed models available.

Gas Lines

We use the most advanced materials to install and repair new gas lines in your home upholding the highest quality standards and fuel gas codes for your safety. Gas line installations to all in home appliances as well as all exterior applications such as generators, pool heaters and barbecue grills.


A plumbing inspection by a qualified plumber can shine a light on many problems and pitfalls that get overlooked on home inspections. We also provide plumbing and heating system inspections for real estate transactions, bank inspections, insurance estimates.

Outside Hose Bibbs

Outside hose connections are are an essential part of our homes outdoor spaces from lawn sprinklers to washing the car. Keeping these fixtures in good working order is a must to prevent frozen and burst pipes ,perpetual water drips, walkway ice puddles . Call today to update your old hose bib to a new frost free hose bib.


Your shower is one of the most used fixtures in your home but is often severely neglected from broken tiles ,leaking drains, moldy shower walls and doors. So treat yourself today to a new shower or tub shower surround we offer complete shower replacement or installation, repair or replacement of drain assembly, repair or replacement of shower valve, replacement of shower head, installation of shower enclosures, tile repair and installation.


Your kitchen sink is the busiest area in the home yet we see so many of our customers with kitchen sink setups that are totally inadequate and unfunctional for their needs. schedule your appointment today we offer replacement of sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and wet bars. Includes drop ins, under mounts, and pedestals.

Sump Pumps

Complete installation of sump pumps with pit, pump replacement, installation of underground sump pump discharge line to storm sewer or daylight location.With the water power backup system, there is no battery required! Utilizing the city water pressure in the event of a power failure or primary pump failure, this system will keep your basement dry without the worry of limited battery life. In the event of a power outage or primary pump failure, the battery powered pump will keep your basement dry.


One of the top calls we receive is regarding toilet problems, The toilet is the most important fixture in your home making modern life and sanitation possible. If you have an older toilet your still using your not doing yourself any favors, Older toilets use significantly more water with far less flushing power leading to more clogs and overflows. Call us today to schedule your toilet upgrade.


Complete tub replacement or installation, repair or replacement of drainage and overflow assembly, repair or replacement of tub/shower valve, replacement of shower head, caulking, installation of tub enclosures, tile repair and installation.

Valve - Curb Valve / Rod

It is very important that a homeowner knows the location of their curb valve. In most cases, it is in the front lawn or sidewalk in front of the property. In the case of a water emergency in the home, the valve in the basement does not always work, you need to have working curb valve. Call us to test your curb valve and replace it if necessary.


Do you have an old unsightly vanity and sink, bathroom and kitchen upgrades are one of the biggest value additions you add tour home we offer replacement of bathroom vanities including installation of new top and faucet as well as any necessary plumbing updates.

Water Heaters

A bad water heater is a disaster waiting to happen, letting and old water heater go until its to late can cause severe damage to your home and unlimited aggravation.We offer repair of existing water heater or complete replacement. We offer chimney vent, power vent as well as tankless models. We install or repair electric, natural gas, oil, and liquid propane water heaters.

Water Lines

Old and corroded water lines can lead to several problems you might not be aware of, build up in the old metal pipes can contaminate your drinking water with rust and other not so nice chemicals call us today to upgrade those old water lines. We offer complete repair or replacement of leaking galvanized, copper or pex water lines, leaking shut off valves, installation of hammer arrestors, check valves, supply lines, expansion tanks, and more.

Water Softeners

Water harness is a big problem in the capital district causing millions in damage to water systems, fixtures and pipes. Hardness levels in your could be as high as 75 grains, left untreated hard water will severely shorten the life span of your fixtures,water and drain systems and appliances. Call us today for a free estimate and save your fixtures.


Winterization of plumbing systems, heating systems, pumps, pool houses, irrigation systems is imperative to preserving your home improper winterization can send your home back to the stone age. Call us today to properly prepare your home against the harsh winter months.

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