Preparing for Extreme Cold






With temperatures plunging, there are always small steps you can take to avoid potentially major, costly repairs.

Rick Duell, a master plumber with over 35 years of experience in the Capital District, said it’s important to make sure your home’s foundation vents are closed to prevent cold air from beneath the house. Doors to crawl spaces should be closed tightly, “because if it’s laying open then cold weather is going to get in there,” and pipes in a crawl space should be insulated especially if they are near foundation vents.

Rick says the old trick of letting the faucets trickle a little bit would better serve its purpose while working in conjunction with other methods of protection.

“I’m from New York and we used to let the cold side of the faucet trickle, but if you do have a kitchen sink or something like that on an outside wall, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave the cabinet doors [underneath] open so that the heat can get up into that space,” Rick says.

He also emphasized that people need to take their hoses off of the outdoor faucets to prevent splitting and other problems, which he said would likely go undiscovered until the hose is next used. And as always – IT’S IMPERATIVE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR HOME’S WATER SHUT OFF VALVE IS!!

In a nutshell:
1 – Let water drip from a fixture that is the furthest away from the water supply line to prevent frozen water pipes & breaks in your home.
2 – Leave cabinet doors open under the sinks so heat from the room reaches the pipes.
3 – Make sure the water is turned off to outside spigots, remove hoses/attachments and cover spigot.
4 – Locate your emergency water shut-off valve in case a water pipe freezes and breaks.

Hopefully, these tips prevent any major disasters in your home, but please feel free to call us any time to schedule an appointment should you find yourself in a plumbing or heating emergency.

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