Water Heater Repairs and Installations in Glenville, Clifton Park, and Colonie, NY

At Duell Plumbing & Heating we know how important it is to have the proper amount of hot water to service your family’s needs. We pride ourselves on being highly trained and experienced not only in the sizing and installation of water heaters, but also on having all the necessary troubleshooting and maintenance knowledge.

When replacing or servicing your water heater our technicians are trained to inspect your hot water piping system to make sure everything is set up for optimal water heater performance and safety. We will inspect vent piping into chimney, expansion tank, shut off valves, gas piping, temperature and pressure relief valve/piping, electrical supply, and more. We service all national makes and models.

All residential tank type water heaters come with a standard 6 year warranty from the manufacturer in addition to a complete one year warranty from Duell Plumbing & Heating. Call us today for an estimate on water heater repairs and installation in Glenville, Clifton Park, Colonie, NY & surrounding areas.

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